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Back From The Grave (CD)

Back From The Grave (CD)

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Building on but further expanding the musical direction of debut album “Preludes & Nocturnes”, the second album “Back From The Grave” is to be released July 10th 2020. With the first single, “Werewolf of Steel” (May 1st), and the second single,"Love Will Tear You Apart" (June 26th), paving the way as the perfect example of the aforementioned concoction of addictive melodies and relentless rhythms, anthemic stompers like “The Witching Hour” and fast-paced bangers like “Raise The Dead” will complete the aural assault.

CD Jewelcase, 8-page booklet with lyrics. Released July 10th, 2020.


1. The Rebirth (Instrumental)
2. Back From The Grave
3. The Cellardoor
4. The Witching Hour
5. Werewolf Of Steel
6. Luna
7. For The Horde
8. Love Will Tear You apart
9. Higher
10. The Nightmare Never Stops
11. Bane Of The Light
12. Raise the Dead
13. The Ascension (Instrumental)

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